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About Us

Music keeps our family together. From our earliest days, our parents Ted and Marielle Fong exposed us to musical theatre, jazz, pop, classical, and church music. We have a lot of instruments laying around the house. So it was easy to sit around, jam, and eventually create the College Fund Street Band sound.

Here's what each of us is doing:

  • Maxwell (21) will be a senior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, studying business. 
  • Nina (18) just finished her freshman year at San Jose State University and is studying biology.
  • Mario (15) will be a junior at Franklin High School in Elk Grove. 
  • Leland (12) will be in 8th grade at Toby Johnson Middle School in Elk Grove.
  • Jennifer (9) will be in 5th grade at Stone Lake Elementary School in Elk Grove.

Thank you for your generous support!

Max, Nina, Mario, Leland, and Jenny
The College Fund Street Band

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